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Promotional photos of the S24 series
A Peek at the Galaxy: 5 Things We Have Learnt About the Newly Announced Samsung Galaxy S24
Well, most of our speculations HERE turned out to be true. Still, the Samsung Galaxy S24 will have even the most fanatic Apple fan purring… make no mistake, these devices have set the...
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THE VR/AR HEADSET FOR THE 1%, Sad Day for iPhone X owners, and More News from Apple’s WWDC 2023
Apple’s events have always been renowned for their iconic nature, with meticulous attention given to set designs, transitions, and other crucial intricacies that make the presentations...
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How Ogabassey Helped a Small Business Owner in Lagos Expand His Operations
The Importance of Access to Technology for Small Businesses Small businesses are the backbone of many economies around the world. In Nigeria, small businesses account for a significant...
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customer experience poster
How We're Improving Our Customers' Experience at Ogabassey
At OgaBassey, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible experience for our customers. From our products and services to customer support, we are committed to delivering excellence...
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Smartphones are Revolutionizing Business Operations in Nigeria
Introduction Smartphones have become increasingly popular in recent years, not only for personal use but also for business operations. Smartphones have revolutionized how businesses...
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