4 Signs You Need a New Phone

We will be the first to admit that times are hard, and with the Naira on its continued quest to discover crude oil, changing your devices wily nilly might not be feasible; you only have to look at the exchange rate to see how unpredictable the gadget market is.  But fewer things can mess up your day than a phone that suddenly dies on you, but more often than not, your phone will give you signs before calling it quits on you. Here are four signs that tell you that your phone needs an upgrade:

Swollen Batteries

This is a health hazard waiting to happen. A swollen battery is the first sign that the phone is past its sell date. It is hazardous to continue using a device with a swollen battery. Admittedly, you can easily switch the battery and continue using the phone; however, what are the chances that you will get OEM-sanctioned b

Battery Woes: The Unreliable Lifespan

Few things are more frustrating than a phone that can’t hold a charge. If you’re constantly tethered to a charging cable or anxiously watching your battery percentage plummet, it’s a clear signal that your device’s battery is deteriorating. With technological advancements in battery life, upgrading to a newer phone can provide you with a more reliable and enduring power source, freeing you from the inconvenience of frequent recharging

Lags, Unresponsive UI and Slow Response

A noticeable decline in performance is one of the most evident signs that your phone is reaching the end of its usability. If you find your device struggling to launch applications, respond to commands, or execute tasks with the speed it once did, it’s an indication that its internal components are no longer keeping up with the demands of contemporary software. Upgrading to a newer model ensures a smoother and more efficient user experience.

Pictures Looking like Something Shot on 0.3MP Camera

For many users, a smartphone’s camera is a critical component. If your once-sharp photos are now marred by blurriness, distortion, or overall reduced image quality, it might be time to invest in a phone with an upgraded camera system. Advancements in camera technology can significantly enhance your ability to capture clear, vibrant memories, ensuring that your device remains a reliable tool for both personal and professional photography.

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