5 DIY Upgrades that will Speed Up your PC

We can’t think of anything more infuriating than a slow computer. You have opened ONLY 15 tabs in Chrome, and your PC is hyperventilating as if it had just concluded 200m senior boys’ sprint… God abeg o! The easiest fix is probably to get a newer system. We can help you do that and even offer you a payment plan to offset the cost in instalments; you can visit here.

However, life happens, and you probably can’t upgrade now, but you still want to experience a fast PC that doesn’t make you feel like a low-budget angry Hulk; we have got you!

Swap your Hard Disk Drive for a Solid-State Drive

Hard Disk is old school. Yes, they are cheap, but they are very slow. The SSD is EIGHT TIMES faster than the HDD. Swapping your old HDD for an SSD will do your system a lot of good. The first difference you will probably realise is the boost in the boot-up time; your system will start booting up in under 8 seconds. Your apps will also load more quickly. It is a no-brainer if you are a gamer; get an SSD and enjoy bliss.

Increase your RAM

First and foremost, not all system’s RAMs are upgradable; some PCs and newer MACs have their RAMs soldered directly to the motherboard (that’s something to watch out for when buying your new system). However, increasing your RAM will allow your PC to handle multitasking better if your system supports it. In 2022, please, bro, abeg, the recommended minimum RAM size is 8GB; anything lower than this is just sufferhead. In our opinion, 16GB is the sweet spot between productivity (opening enough tabs in Chrome and running multiple word documents) or gaming (whether it’s FIFA or COD)

Run Disk Cleanup

Freeing your system of junk files can speed up your system significantly. Disk Cleanup is a utility app on Windows that clears junk files on your PC. We recommend you run Disk Cleanup at least once in 60 days for optimal results.

Clean your System

Your system has fans working “tirelessly” to keep the temperature down to acceptable levels (except you have a fan-less Ultrabook or the M1 & M2 MacBook Air from Apple). With time, these fans gather dust, cobwebs, and other “debris,” limiting their ability to work well. If your fans aren’t running optimally, your system will throttle for thermal reasons (reduce performance for safety reasons). At least twice a year, open up your laptop and clean the internals; you only need a screwdriver and a YouTube video. Please note that opening your laptop can void your warranty.

Get a Newer Model

Sometimes, the best way to upgrade your system is to get a newer one. Every year, Intel and AMD, the two biggest processor makers in the world, release upgrades for their processors. Each new processor comes with efficiency and performance boost. Getting a newer model will also help you with future-proofing. For example, Windows 11 is only natively (officially) supported by systems running 8th generation (2017/2018) processors and newer.

In most cases, the newer your PC is, the more powerful it is. Fortunately, we have got you covered. You can get some of the most powerful PCs and MacBooks on the market at ridiculously affordable prices with the option to even pay in instalments. Click here to learn more.

Is your system not performing optimally? Tell us in the comment section, and let’s help out.


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