One of the most popular phones in Nigeria in 2023 is the iPhone XR. Since its launch in 2018 as an affordable alternative to the flagship XS and XS Max, the XR has remained one of the most popular phones in the Nigerian mobile phone market. The XR remains a fan favourite among ladies. It’s almost five years to its launch day, and we take a second look at the iPhone XR again. Is the XR a decent buy in 2023 if you are on a budget?

The Camera

Many people swear by the XR’s camera. Despite spotting only a single camera in an era where two is the minimum, with some smartphones shipping with as many as four, the XR has a capable camera. Photos taken on the phone are punchy, warm, and well-exposed, even in the most challenging conditions. What the camera lacked in versatility, it made up for it in sheer competence. How many people use the Telephoto and Ultra-wide lenses, anyway?


Smartphone designs haven’t changed much in the last decade; there have been major refinements but nothing evolutionary. The iPhone XR still has a modern design, and if you prefer your phone in bold colours, the XR has many options for you.


In addition, Apple remains one of the best OEMs as far as software updates are concerned. Apple devices are beneficiaries of a long-term update policy. The XR currently runs the latest OS from Apple, iOS 16, and will continue to receive software support even in 2025. If you decide to pick up an iPhone XR, continuous software support will not be a problem.


Conversely, the XR’s battery might not be much as it is below the 4000Mah, which appears to be the average capacity of most phones currently on the market. Still, thanks to some superior software tuning and the efficiency of the 7nm Apple A12 Bionic powering the phone, the average user will get a dawn-to-dusk use out of the phone.


The iPhone XR brings some of Apple’s most popular and functional features, including True Tone.


Let’s get to the good. The iPhone XR is arguably the phone of choice when it comes to the price-performance ratio; it is a great device that falls squarely in the affordable ratio. And courtesy of Ogabassey’s flexible payment option, with as little as ₦170,000, with an initial payment of ₦42,626, you can own a premium used iPhone XR and pay the rest later. 

The iPhone XR might not have the novelty of the newer iPhone models or the three-camera setup of its recent siblings, but in 2023, it is still one of the best options for anybody looking to get a capable phone on a budget. We recommend it!

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