5 Bad Habits That Damage Your Phone’s Battery

Your battery is the fuel that powers your phone; saying you have a good phone when your battery is poor is like saying you have a Bentley with an empty tank; beyond pictures for the gram, your Bentley is as useless as the ‘p’ in psychology. But the average phone user comes from the tribe of the Coconatti (where the inhabitants have coconut heads) is guilty of phone abuse. Everybody knows that allowing your phone battery to run out completely before charging it will affect your battery health in the long run. However, there are other seemingly harmless things that will kill your battery faster than you can say, mogbe! Here are some of the commonest ones:

Placing Your Smartphone Under the Pillow

Yeah, we get it! While charging your phone and chatting with the Love of Your Life,  you slept off, with your phone ending up under your pillow. We have been there too. When this happens, it’s not uncommon to wake up with a blazing hot phone that has lost most of its battery juice. Sister Deborah, hope sey your money long? Not only can you damage your phone patapata, but you can also end up burning the house. Your phone needs air almost as much as you do. Think Safety!

 Using Your Phone While Charging it

Remember what we said about heat and lithium batteries? Yep! The heat generated while charging and using your phone is worse. Uncle Lanre, Scoreboard Leader, don’t play Call of Duty while charging; your battery will spoil o. intensive tasks like playing games, recording and editing a video generate significant heat. When you do any of these tasks while charging, your phone gets dangerously hot; if you continue to do that, well, it is not in our mouths that you will hear that your battery has an actual shelf life.

Charging your Phone with your case on

Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Your phone uses lithium batteries. Lithium batteries hate heat; nothing degrades your battery faster than heat. ***clears throat****Charging your phone generates a lot of heat (How many times have we mentioned heat?); naturally, most phones, at least the flagship, have a very good heat dissipation mechanism where the majority of the heat leaves the phone via the phone body. But Olori Pablo, leaving your Rabbit Channel custom-made case on your phone will not allow the heat to leave your phone seamlessly. Eventually, your phone will shut down after a few hours   

Using a Cheap Charger or Plugging into an Unsupported Power Source

It is not everywhere you see a USB source that you chook your phone. Some sources are not optimised for your phone. Similarly,  not every charger is compatible with your phone; each phone has its power requirement and charging technology, and using an incompatible or substandard charger will ruin your phone. Modern smartphone chargers have built-in chips that regulate your phone’s power supply. How can you use an itel charger to charge your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra? Have you no fear?   If you need a compatible charger for your phone, Oga Bassey offers standard and OEM-approved accessories at affordable prices; you can get yours here. Abeg, use only approved chargers to avoid stories that touch.

Those Battery Apps

iPhone users might not be able to relate, but the Google Play Store for Android phones has many apps that promise to help you improve your battery-na scam! Make I no lie give you; those apps do more harm than good. The background processes hog resources and, in turn, consume batteries.

Which one of these crimes against the battery are you guilty of? Tell us in the comment section.


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