***Clears throat**** it is that time of the month again when you get to buy many devices at a fraction of what they cost; Ladies and gentlemen, it’s November, and Black Friday is upon us! But before you get your crisp notes out of your wallet, pay attention lest we refer you to Proverb 21:20. Let’s start with the basics. Mobile phones are divided into three major categories: flagship, mid-range, and entry-level. Flagships are the biggest and greatest from the manufacturer, the Samsung S22 Ultras of this world, iPhone 14 Pro Max, and Xiaomi 12s Pro, among others. The mid-range, like the name suggests, sits in the middle; it has the premium features that are found in flagship devices but will also skimp on some features, the upper echelon of the Samsung A-series are the kings here (the A7x, A5X), the Redmi Note series are equally well-represented here, etc. The entry-level phone, as the name sound, is at the base of the smartphone pyramid. They are only optimal at calling, sending texts, and for light multimedia use. This distinction should not be taken as rigid. Some phones defy this logic, and the iPhone 14 is probably the best example. How can a 600k+ phone not be a flagship? Ha! The kneeling down of a mother! But the base iPhone 14 lacks the oomph, bells, and whistles of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max or even Samsung 22 Ultra. The Black Friday fever will be at its fervent point in the coming days. Before you checkout, pay attention to the following points:

  • Futureproof

This is probably one of the few areas that you hardly pay attention to, and to be honest, as phone prices continue to get higher than Snoop Dogg on blunt, spending your money prudently is very important. Come closer and let us give you the deets; Black Friday is one of the few opportunities that some vendors have to sell phones that have been in their warehouse since the noughties! Don’t buy a phone that will become obsolete after a few months. Shine your eye!


Available statistics suggest that Nigerians purchase used phones more than they purchase used devices. Money no too dey like that! The Severe Absence of Purchasing Ability, SAPA is not enough reason to be left in the lurch because you bought a used phone. Whether it is a brand-new phone or a premium used device, Oga Bassey has never disappointed when it comes to unrivalled after-sales services. Our insurance policy also means that… wait for it… we cover screen damages free of charge for duly insured phones… Samsung users, you have nothing to fear again- flaunt your Galaxies!

  • Vendor Credibility

The conditions in Panti and Kirikiri are not for the faint-hearted; if you aren’t aware, the Nigerian Police is not your friend. To avoid police wahala, please buy from only credible vendors. Many vendors will rise in November, riding on the crest of Black Friday, verily verily we said unto you, shine your eyes o! Don’t buy your device from shady vendors. If you want to take good advantage of the Black Friday promo from Oga Bassey, click here.


See ehn, nothing is as heart-breaking as buying an iPhone running Android (Ha! The kneeling down of a mother). There is a plethora of “Dubai-made” Airpods in the market. Shine your eyes lest you fall victim.

Get mouth-watering discounts and price slashes on your favourite gadgets and still pay for them in instalments on the 25th of November during Oga Bassey Black Friday Promo… Now is the time to cop that iPhone, Samsung, and MacBook you have been eyeing as Santa is about to arrive earlier than usual, don’t sleep on this.


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