iPhone 14: To Buy or not to Buy

The launch of the new iPhone series stirred mixed feelings; Apple made many strange decisions. The iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max are exciting devices (even if their processor, the A16 bionic, offers only marginal gains over the A15 In the 13 series); the same can’t be said for their siblings. With its bigger screen, the iPhone 14 Plus (the not-so-spiritual successor for the now-defunct mini-series) might appeal to specific demography, but the iPhone 14 is a head-scratcher! It’s impossible not to see the iPhone 14 as a repackaged iPhone 13 (the dimensions are so identical the iPhone 13 case can be used with the 14)! So except if you’re coming from iPhone 12 Pro and lower, or you are about to join the Apple ecosystem for the first time, the iPhone 14 is not an upgrade, and these are why we think so:

1. Specification:

Make we no lie, Apple na baba, the iPhone 13 from last year remains one of the best phones on the market. The A15 bionic processor will play any game; the dual 12 megapixels camera setup is pretty decent. Similarly, its display, the Super Retina XDR OLED with HDR10, Dolby Vision, capable of 800 nits (HBM) and 1200 nits (peak), is great. And that is exactly what you are getting on the iPhone 14 series. The newer features are software-based (the Crash Detection and Satelite Support are perhaps the highlights of the iPhone 14). You will agree that for a purported generational upgrade, these are not enough reasons to swap your perfectly working iPhone 13 for a 14.

2. Performance:

Apple has mastered marketing, Omo! Dem sabi that thing! During the presentation, they didn’t compare the A16 with last year’s A15 processor for two reasons: Android latest processors have barely matched the performance of the A14 in the iPhone 12 series from 2020!, so Apple is far ahead of its major competitors (Can Someone play the first two lines of Buga for them in Samsung factories) Secondly, the difference between the Apple A15 in the 13 series and the A16 in the 14 Pro and 14 Pro max is marginal; less than 20% in some benchmarks. If you think that is bad, wait for it… Apple didn’t even bother to include the A16 in the iPhone 14; rather, the “new” phone has the same processor as the old iPhone 13! Chai!

3. Price:

  1. Officially, the new iPhone costs over 700,000 Naira for the base model-128Gb storage except on Awoof Thursdays when we cut the prices ?. The year-old iPhone 13 at 520,000 Naira for New and N470,000 for a premium used which is significantly cheaper. It’s a no-brainer! Beyond the promise of a longer software update circle (probably by a year or two), I don’t see any reason anyone should get the iPhone 14, especially if they have any of the iPhone 13 series or even the 12 Pro Max.

The interesting features on the iPhone 14 series this year are exclusive to the Pro versions. With the new camera’s new pill-shaped notch, sorry Dynamic Island, new selfie camera with autofocus (portraits are about to get better). The 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max are the better deal! And with Oga Bassey, you can get an even better deal to be a proud owner of the new iPhones, with an opportunity to spread your payment across 3-12 months with NO Collateral.


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