The Apple Watch: Overpriced or Functional Piece  

Since its launch in 2015, no Apple product has divided opinions as much as the Apple Watch. With the Apple Watch, there is hardly a middle ground; you either love the Watch or despise them. Some people consider them a waste of money and needless, while others consider them a necessity, especially for fitness enthusiasts. Make we no lie sha, dem cost small o but that’s where Oga Bassey comes in. HERE ARE THE TOP 5 REASONS YOU NEED AN APPLE MATCH:

You have an iPhone

See, ehn, it’s a no-brainer; if you have an iPhone and you are in the market for a smartwatch that allows you to get the best out of your smartphone while also offering seamless integration, there is only one option- ONE option, the Apple Watch. From making and receiving calls directly from your Watch, Siri on the go, checking notifications from your phone and other cool tricks, the Apple Watch can be the Robin to your iPhone’s Batman. The possibilities are endless. Abeg, please, don’t buy those cheap imitations (fake, copy, replicas or whatever the sellers call them); you will lose out on the seamless integration between your phone and even your MacBook. To save yourself from that, visit here to get a genuine and affordable Apple Watch and join the 1% too.

You are a Fitness Enthusiast

Apple calls it “the ultimate device for a healthy life”, and we kinda agree. The dedicated Activity App on the Apple Watch is remarkable. Among other things, The Apple Watch can help you monitor and record your workout exercises and routines. Are you a cycler? Is the treadmill your gig? Are you a runner? Whatever rocks your fitness boat, the device has got you. It also has challenges you can set up to compete with your friends. A device that is committed to keeping you fit and shielding you from the ills of a sedentary lifestyle. What is not to like, Brethren?

You Care about Your Health

Even if the fitness monitoring software baked into the Apple Watch is not your cup of tea (Shout Out to Team Fit Fam or is it Farm?), you care about your health. You want to know if you have cardiovascular concerns, if you have been sitting for too long, and sometimes a reminder that you need to REST can be very helpful. You can also use the Watch to check other things like your blood pressure, blood oxygen level and heartbeat rate. The Apple Watch should be your best friend. The device was designed with your health and wellness in mind.

You are invested in the Apple Ecosystem

Apple’s ecosystem is one of the most extensive. Apple has its fingers in the Internet of Things (IoT) pie. From the Homepod to smart switches, doorbells, and the big ones like the MacBook and the iPhones. The integration is fantastic; you can use your Apple Watch to unlock your MacBook and perform other cool tasks.

You Are one of the Cool Kids

The Apple Watch is a fashion statement for many people, and it’s easy to see why. The modular design (especially the straps) and the somewhat unique squarish face of the Watch make them popular among the cool kids. We have all met that person who coordinates their Apple straps with their outfit. A functional device that contributes to the drip? Yes, please!

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