The Unproblematic Middle Child: Samsung S24+ Review

In the realm of Samsung’s flagship devices, the Plus model often finds itself overshadowed by its Ultra counterpart and the base model’s compact charm. The Samsung S24+, however, deserves its moment in the spotlight, and here’s why you should consider it as your next phone.

Design and Screen

While sharing design elements with its siblings, the S24+ stands out with a screen that’s only 0.1 inch smaller than the Ultra model. Although lacking Corning Gorilla Armor, it embraces the Victus 2 for durability. The QHD resolution, identical to the S24 Ultra, ensures a mesmerizing media consumption experience despite the slightly smaller screen.


Powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 (in the US, Canada, and China) or the Exynos 2400 (for the international market), all S24 phones promise comparable performance. These flagship SoCs ensure future-proofing, especially with Samsung’s commitment to seven years of software support.


While maintaining the same camera setup as the previous year, the S24+ relies on software enhancements for a stellar photography experience. Boasting a 50 MP wide lens, a 10 MP telephoto lens with 3x optical zoom, and a 12 MP ultrawide lens, the S24+ camera holds its own as a flagship feature.


Balancing between the S24 Ultra and the base model, the S24+ offers a battery capacity slightly less than the Ultra but significantly more than the base model. Samsung’s claim of improved heat dissipation in flagship devices suggests an impressive battery life for the S24+.

As the S24 series has been on the market for some time, which model has left the most lasting impression on you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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