5 Things To Do if Your iPhone Battery Health Falls Below 85%.

In 2018, Apple released iOS 11.3. This version of the OS introduced arguably one of the most impressive features on the iPhone, Battery Health. All rechargeable batteries are consumables; they have a limited lifespan, and sooner or later, your battery will not be able to hold a charge anymore. On the iPhone, your Battery Health is an indicator to inform you about your battery’s capacity, peak performance, and whether your battery needs to be serviced.

 Many factors contribute to a drop in battery performance and life span, you can read about them here.

Tech-savvy iPhone users buying a used phone always look out for Battery Health (before they are forced to sope otilo). Your iPhone is at its optimal best when the Battery Health reads between 100% and 85%. If it falls below 85%, Gbese is around the corner, and you might soon experience occasional unexpected device shutdowns. You may also have bought your iPhone from a shady vendor without doing your due diligence,  you might be guilty of some of the crimes against the battery here, and your battery is now less than 85%. Well, life happens. What can you do? Well, Ogabassey dey for you:

Enable Low Power Mode

iPhones are incredibly powerful phones. The  Bionic Processors that power the iPhones are class leaders, and even the iPhone 8 from 2017 can still hold its own in 2022. Toggling the low power mode on your iPhone will improve your phone’s efficiency. The drop-off in performance is minimal, and most users will have a seamless experience on the iPhone even with Low Power Mode enabled.

Enable Optimised Charging

Lithium-ion batteries will inevitably deteriorate. How quickly that happens depends largely on your usage and, in many cases, your charging pattern. The Apple Optimised Charging feature protects your phone from overcharging and other unfriendly charging practices. To turn on the feature, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health > Optimized Battery Charging

Turn off Bluetooth and Wifi when not in Use

Sounds simplistic, right? Right? Right? (emphasis ours) But we both know you hardly turn off your Bluetooth after putting away your AirPods. Wifi and Bluetooth radios consume battery (maybe not as much as back in the day); they are some of the reasons your battery hardly lasts the whole day. You will help your battery by disabling your wifi and Bluetooth radios when you are not using them.

Update your Device

Most iPhones enjoy 5-6 years of software updates. No other phone maker comes close to Apple as far as software updates are concerned. With each update, Apple fixes bugs and niggling issues, especially those that affect efficiency (battery life), security, and performance. Updating your phone regularly can help your battery life.

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What’s the lowest Battery Health percentage you have ever seen on an iPhone? Tell us in the comment section.


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