8 Things You Didn’t  Know Your iPhone Can Do


The iPhone is one of the commonest phones in the world. The iPhone has over 80% of the smartphone market share in the United States alone. With each new model, Apple introduces innovative features that often go unnoticed. In this blog post, we will uncover five hidden capabilities of your iPhone that you might not have known about.

Measure Anything with Your iPhone.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to measure something quickly, but you didn’t have a physical tape measure on hand? Well, your iPhone can come to the rescue! Introduced in iOS 12, the Measure app uses augmented reality (AR) technology to measure objects using your phone’s camera. Simply open the Measure app, point your iPhone at the object you want to measure, tap the starting point, and then drag the endpoint to your desired location. Your iPhone will provide an accurate measurement, making it a handy tool for DIY projects or even just measuring furniture to see if it fits in your space.

Hidden Magnifying Glass

For those moments when you need a magnifying glass to read the fine print, your iPhone can step in as a makeshift one. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Magnifier and enable it. Now, you can triple-click the side button (or home button on older models) to activate the magnifier. Use your camera to zoom in on small text, objects, or anything that requires a closer look. It’s a feature that can be a lifesaver when you forget your reading glasses.

Emergency SOS

Your iPhone can also double as a personal safety device. In an emergency, press the side button (or home button on older models) five times quickly, and your iPhone will call emergency services in your region. It will also send a message with your location to your emergency contacts, making it a valuable tool in critical situations.

Quick Camera Access from the Lock Screen

Have you ever missed a perfect photo opportunity because you couldn’t unlock your iPhone quickly enough? You can access the camera from the lock screen without unlocking your device. Swipe left on the lock screen, and your camera app will instantly open. This feature ensures that you never miss capturing those memorable moments.

Hidden Level Tool

 Your iPhone’s built-in Compass app has a hidden feature that acts as a spirit or bubble level. Open the Compass app and swipe left to reveal the level tool. This tool can help you hang pictures straight, ensure your bookshelves are level, or assist with any task that requires precise levelling.

Custom Vibrations

You may already know that you can customize ringtones, but can you also create custom vibrations for specific contacts? Go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Ringtone > Vibration and choose “Create New Vibration.” You can tap out your own pattern and then assign it to a contact in your Contacts app. This way, you can identify who’s calling or texting you without looking at your phone.

Scan Documents and Sign PDFs

With iOS’s built-in Notes app, you can easily scan documents using your iPhone’s camera. Open a note, tap the camera icon, and select “Scan Documents.” Your iPhone will automatically detect the document’s edges and create a digital scan. Additionally, you can sign PDFs directly on your iPhone using the Markup feature. When you open a PDF in the Mail app or another app that supports it, tap the markup icon (which looks like a pen tip) to add your signature or annotations.

Voice Unlocking

Did you know you can unlock your iPhone using just your voice? This feature, known as “Voice Control,” allows you to control your device using spoken commands, including unlocking it. To enable Voice Control, go to Settings > Accessibility > Voice Control and turn it on. You must set up a voice profile by following the on-screen instructions. Once Voice Control is set up, you can wake your iPhone by saying, “Hey Siri,” and then issue commands like “Open Messages” or “Unlock the phone.” Remember that Voice Control is highly secure and requires a unique voice print to work, ensuring that only your voice can unlock your iPhone. This feature is convenient and can be a great accessibility tool for individuals with mobility challenges who may have difficulty using physical buttons or touch gestures.

How many of these features are you familiar with? Did we miss out on anything? Tell us in the comment section


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