A Peek at the Galaxy: 5 Things We Have Learnt About the Newly Announced Samsung Galaxy S24

Promotional photos of the S24 series

Well, most of our speculations HERE turned out to be true. Still, the Samsung Galaxy S24 will have even the most fanatic Apple fan purring… make no mistake, these devices have set the bar for phones in 2024, and it will take something radical, unpredictable, and industry-disrupting to match these achievements, let alone surpass them. No pressure, Apple.

The Samsung event has come and gone, and one thing is clear: Samsung’s hand is fully in the AI jar, and that leads us to:

The Galaxy AI

The new Samsung phones will feature the Galaxy AI, a generative Artificial Intelligence that will provide on-device and internet-powered AI solutions to users. Galaxy AI brings language detection, translation and transcription, advanced video and photo editing and manipulation, and more.

The Brightest Screen Among the Galaxies

At almost 1800 nits, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra was already equipped with a very bright screen, but the S24 has taken brightness to near-stratospheric levels with a whopping 2600 nits. Using your phone under the glare of the Lagos sun will be a breeze. The glass protection has also been enhanced with the recently announced Gorilla Glass Armor from Corning. The glassmaker claims the new Armor is four times more scratch-resistant than Victus 2

A Rival-Inspired Design

A wise man once said, ‘Good artists copy, Great artists steal,’ yet we can’t help noticing the similarities between the iPhone and the new S24; Samsung has gone for the flat, boxy design that has characterized the iPhone for a while. The choice to use a titanium frame rather than the customary aluminum is also telling… Not that we are complaining. Overall, beyond these design evolutions, there are few differences between the S23 and the S24 design.

A Familiar Camera Setup

Let’s be honest; cameras are arguably one of the most important features for anybody looking to buy a smartphone in 2024, and with the S24, Samsung proved that they understand the assignment. The vanilla S24 and the middle child S24+ kept the same setup as their predecessors. This approach suggests that Samsung is putting a lot of trust in its software processing, which suggests we are in for a treat. The flagship S24 Ultra has a new 200MP main shooter, the same 10MP 3X Telephoto lens as last year, but a new 50MP 5X Telephoto lens, a 12MP ultra-wide camera, and a 12MP selfie cam. Well, the iPhone 15 has a battle on its hands.

A Modest Approach to Battery

Samsung has come in leaps and bounds as far as the battery is concerned. It appears the company has decided that, for now, 5000mAh is where the bar is as far as their flagships are concerned (we all remember the Note 7). The S24 has a standard 4000mAh, 4900mAh, and 5000mAh for the S24+ and the Ultra, respectively.

Will you be getting the S24? Which feature do you look forward to testing the most? Tell us in the comment section.


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