Four Features to Look out for in the New Samsung S24

In the dynamic landscape of tech rivalries, where giants like Intel and AMD, Microsoft and Google, AMD and Nvidia fiercely compete, none has captivated the mobile phone industry quite like the ongoing saga between iPhone and Samsung. As the Android ecosystem’s de facto representative, Samsung is the perpetual contender that inevitably enters discussions comparing smartphones to Apple’s iconic iPhone. The iPhone 15 Pro Max has earned accolades, with many reviewers hailing it as the phone of the year. However, emerging reports and leaks surrounding the Samsung S24 series, especially the S24 Ultra, indicate that Samsung is poised to outshine, outsmart, outspec, outperform, and crush the competition. Here are four compelling aspects that the S24 series brings to the table in its quest to reclaim the title from Apple:

Galaxy AI

   In the wake of 2023, the tech realm witnessed the rise of AI, with generative AI becoming a prominent buzzword. Smartphone manufacturers swiftly incorporated AI features into their devices, exemplified by the Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro showcasing groundbreaking AI capabilities in photography and productivity. Reports now suggest that the Galaxy S24 might introduce features allowing users to manipulate photos by moving or removing people and objects, expanding image backgrounds, erasing elements from videos, and employing AI to enhance stabilization and reduce graininess. For content creators, this could mark an opportune moment to explore the Samsung side of the mobile experience.

The Exynos Makes a Return

   Traditionally, Samsung has released two versions of its series, equipping one with its in-house Exynos processor and offering a Qualcomm-manufactured Snapdragon processor for specific markets like the US. Amidst controversies regarding the efficiency and performance of the Exynos, reports indicate that the vanilla S24 and S24+ will feature the Exynos processor, while the S24 Ultra will boast the top-of-the-line Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor. This strategic move aims to cater to diverse market preferences and enhance overall performance.

Revamped Camera System

   While speculation suggests minimal hardware upgrades beyond the zoom lens for the S24 series, Samsung’s prowess in computational photography sparks anticipation for improved photo and video capabilities. Leveraging advanced computational techniques, the S24 series is expected to deliver enhanced visual experiences, building on Samsung’s established reputation for cutting-edge camera systems.

Class-Leading Screen

   Even Samsung’s harshest critics concede that the company equips its phones with some of the market’s best screens. The S24 series is set to introduce a new iteration of Samsung’s highly acclaimed AMOLED display, boasting up to 2500 nits of brightness. Notably, reports indicate a significant upgrade with a 144Hz refresh rate, surpassing the 120Hz available on the S23. Samsung’s commitment to top-tier hardware remains evident, promising a visually immersive experience for users.

As Samsung maintains a degree of secrecy leading up to the January 17th launch date, tech enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting further revelations. Stay tuned with us, as we promise to keep you updated on the unfolding developments in the smartphone arena.

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