Introducing the New iPad: the MacBook Killer?

Over the years, Apple has meticulously refined their iPad range to position it as the ultimate fusion of a phone and a laptop. And despite the recent sales slump, this strategy has proven successful; the iPad remains the world’s most successful tablet. Apple took this a step further in 2021 by equipping the iPad with an M1 chip; the same M1 chip found in the 2020 MacBooks! Well, fast forward to 2024, and Apple has now introduced a chip even faster than the one on the latest MacBook.

The first Apple device featuring the all-new M4 chip

The next MacBooks were anticipated to feature the new M4 chip with its focus on AI. However, as part of Apple’s strategy to position the iPad as a viable laptop substitute, the iPad is the first device to feature the new M4 chip. Apple’s benchmark figures for the new chip are somewhat vague and should be taken with a grain of salt, but they assert that the M4 is 50% faster (?). Keep your fingers crossed; we will provide updates with independent benchmark results as soon as they become available.

The Best Screen on any Apple device

Apple is dubbing the new screen on the iPad Ultra Retina XDR. Numerous sources suggest that the screen comprises two OLED screens layered on top of each other, delivering one of the finest HDR experiences on any device. We eagerly anticipate Apple implementing this technology across their other devices, including the iPhone (Samsung, you’re in trouble).

The Thinnest Apple Device ever

Apple describes the new iPad as their slimmest device to date. You’ll be holding a powerful yet lightweight device in your hand. The overall design ethos of the iPad revolves around transforming it into a device that can serve as both your phone and your laptop. With portability and ergonomics at the forefront of the design language, we believe Apple has excelled on both fronts.

A New and Improved Magic Keyboard

The Magic Keyboard is one of Apple’s most divisive accessories, but the new iteration designed to complement the new iPad Pro is poised to garner more admirers than detractors. Apple has brought the reliability and versatility of the MacBook keyboard to the Magic Keyboard. Early reviewers have claimed that the experience is so seamless that over time, the iPad Pro begins to feel less like a tablet and more like a compact MacBook.

Overall, the new 13-inch iPad Pro might come with a hefty price tag, but it’s an outstanding and capable device.


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