Rediscovering Excellence: A Review of the iPhone XS Max in 2023


One of the most head-scratching moments in the history of Apple releases occurred between 2018 and 2019, following the release of the iPhone XS Max (in 2018) and the iPhone 11 (in 2019). Till today, despite what the specs sheet says, many are convinced that the iPhone XS Max is the better phone of the two, and it is very difficult to argue. Yes, the iPhone 11 has the better processor, the A13 Bionic smokes the A12 Bionic in the iPhone XS Max. However, the gorgeous 6.5-inch OLED display on the iPhone XS Max leaves the 6.1 LCD on the 11 in the dust (and in 2023, that display remains a head-turner), while the lenses powering the iPhone 11 camera system are theoretically better than the XS Max, the consensus among phone users is that the XS Max produces the better pictures. Apple has a lot of questions to answer.

In 2023, the iPhone XS Max is an easy recommendation for Apple lovers who are in the market for a phone with a budget of ₦250,000. This vintage gem offers a balance of power, elegance, and functionality that can still hold its ground in today’s smartphone landscape. Here are some of the reasons the XS Max is an easy budget recommendation for us:

The Super Retina OLED Display

At its launch, the iPhone XS Max brought a groundbreaking 6.5-inch Super Retina OLED display to the table. Even now, its display quality remains impressive. This larger-than-life screen was a game-changer in media consumption, delivering vibrant colors and stunning contrasts that made every visual experience a feast for the eyes. The nostalgia surrounding this feature is a testament to the innovation it brought to its time. Make no mistake, this is a phone that attracts attention.

A True Performer with A12 Bionic Chip

Powered by Apple’s A12 Bionic chip, the iPhone XS Max delivers a seamless performance that can easily tackle your day-to-day tasks. Despite the years since its release, this device continues to offer smooth multitasking, responsive app launches, and reliable performance that doesn’t falter. For users looking for an iPhone that keeps up with their needs, the XS Max delivers in spades.

Photography and Videography Excellence

The iPhone XS Max’s dual 12MP camera setup captures stunning photos and videos that still hold their own in today’s visual-centric world. The combination of wide and telephoto snappers helps the device take breathtaking portraits and detailed landscapes; the device’s camera capabilities are nothing short of remarkable. It can even record videos in 4K resolution at up to 60 frames per second, ensuring you can capture life’s moments with the clarity and detail they deserve.

Battery Life and Storage

Despite its age, the iPhone XS Max provides decent battery life, allowing you to stay connected and productive throughout the day. With a budget of 250,000 Naira, you can acquire the 256GB storage variant of the iPhone XS Max. However, when considering a purchase, check the Battery Health, ensuring it’s above 85% for optimal performance and longevity.

A Vintage Masterpiece That Holds Its Relevance

While the iPhone XS Max might not be Apple’s latest and greatest offering, it remains relevant as a vintage masterpiece. It might not claim the top spot in the hierarchy of today’s higher-performing iPhones, but it leaves an indelible mark with its impressive features and capabilities.

In the quest for a high-quality iPhone that fits comfortably within a budget of 250,000 Naira, the iPhone XS Max emerges as an exceptional choice. Its Super Retina OLED display, powerful A12 Bionic chip, exceptional camera capabilities, and satisfactory battery life make it a solid contender even in today’s fast-paced smartphone landscape. So, if you’re looking to join the 1% of iPhone users without compromising on quality, the iPhone XS Max is a vintage gem that still holds its shine.

We have a video review of the XS Max here

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