Happy New Year! 

2022 was a remarkable year for the smartphone industry. Apple released an iPhone that has more than 12MP main camera! Samsung shattered the glass ceiling with the hugely successful S22 Ultra and the other midranges in the A series. The foldables continue their descent into public consciousness (them men dem have started using it as some status conferrer, iPhone step aside). While we will continue to remember the smartphone Class of 2022 with fondness, we are giddy with excitement at what 2023 offers!

Here are the top 4 devices we can’t wait to behold in 2023:

The iPhone 15 Series

Well, the iPhone is one of the best-selling brands of all time. Apple has perfected the satisfying blend of excellent software with class-leading hardware. Every year, the iPhone continues to obliterate the competition, whether in the performance or camera department. The iPhone 15 will build on the legacy of the 14 series, and early rumours reveal that all phones in the 15 series will have the Dynamic Island and share the same processor. If it turns out to be true, the iPhone will rule the streets again.

The 13th Gen Intel Processor Laptops

The battle between AMD and Intel is one of the most interesting tech rivalries in the last half a decade. Team Red and Blue have been competing with their Ryzen and Core processors lines for the best of 10 years. Initially, it appeared that Intel was in the lead, but AMD got their sh*t together, revamped the Ryzen line, and had Intel momentarily stunned. Well, Intel is back… the 12th generation gave us a little bit of what is coming, but benchmarks and news around the 13th gen processors suggest that Intel is not playing. Power and efficiency are about to reach stratospheric levels. We also await AMD’s response. In this battle of Red and Blue, the consumer is the biggest winner and may continue.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Android is Google’s property but brethren,  make no mistake, the poster child of the android smartphone market is Samsung, and following the cancellation of the Note series, the Samsung Galaxy S series is the undisputable king! The S23 series will come as a trio but let nobody fool you; the S23 Ultra is the crème de la crème, and consequently, that is the one we look forward to seeing. Luckily we don’t have to wait too long. The S23 series is dropping in a matter of weeks. Leakers have argued that the series is merely an incremental upgrade. Still, knowing Samsung, there are bound to be one or two remarkable surprises, and we can’t wait.

The Foldable Phones

Let’s be honest, foldables are the cool kids on the block. Those beauties are head-turners. While Samsung remains the king of the foldables, many other smartphone makers now have teeth in the game, too, from Xiaomi, Huawei, and even Oppo. Multiple reports claimed that Apple is also working in-house on a foldable. It’s unlikely that we will see that this year. Similarly, Samsung recently teased a foldable device that can fold in multiple ways at CES 2023. We can’t wait to unfold the 2023 foldable devices (all puns intended).

Pixel Tablet

Last year, Google announced it was ready to throw its hat into the smartphone and tablet market alongside the Pixel phones. We saw the first ever Pixel Smartwatch and now our fingers are crossed for the first Pixel Tablet. If Google’s record in the smartphone market is anything to go by, the Pixel Tablet will break records.  

Honourable Mentions

VR headphones, Xiaomi’s 13s Ultra, and Apple’s iWatch Series 9 or 10(?).

 Did we leave out any device? Tell us in the comment section


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