Apart from badly-kept dreads, joggers, turtlenecks, and laptop bags, nothing screams tech-bro louder than a MacBook these days. The overriding opinion in the Nigerian tech space is that until you get a MacBook, you are not ready to take your tech journey seriously. The same assertion holds, even among content creators. Content creators have found a worthy machine in the MacBook. Check the scenes involving laptops in your favourite skits, na MacBook you go see. More Nigerians are now embracing the MacBook despite its ***coughs**** ***coughs again*** slightly steep price.

But why do tech bros and other tech enthusiasts prefer the Macbook? We have the answers:

They use iPhones 

8 out of 10 tech bros have an iPhone; the other two are Samsung fanboys who haven’t finished their backend programming courses. Each OEM (Apple, Samsung, Google, etc.) invests heavily in its ecosystem integration to make users’ tech experience richer and more seamless. To compete with Apple’s class-leading ecosystem integration, Samsung has partnered with Microsoft to offer some nifty integration with windows. And nobody needs cross-device integration more than a tech bro that is always debugging, testing, improving, and rewriting codes.

 You can copy something on your Samsung phone and paste it on your laptop and vice versa. This is a useful feature if you are always constantly using your PC for productive tasks. But the integration between the iPhone and the MacBook is on a different level. From Universal Clipboard, which allows you to do the Samsung and Windows copy & paste thing, to using Handoff to complete tasks that you started on one device on another device, Airdrop, using your Mac’s keyboard as an input device on your iPhone. Omo! The list of things you can do is exhaustive… Since most tech bros already have an iPhone, a MacBook is the only logical choice… Trust the ecosystem!

They Place a Premium on a Powerful yet Portable Laptop. 

When it comes to CPU and GPU-intensive tasks like video-editing, VM, etc., only a few Windows laptops can touch the garment of the most powerful MacBooks. When Apple released the M1 MacBook Air in 2020, they shook the industry; the M1 models were smoking consumer-grade Intel and AMD laptops while using little power to perform performance-centric tasks. A powerful laptop in such a small chassis (a fanless design!) was considered a tall order by many tech observers at that point. But Apple has always been at the forefront of technological innovations. Apple built on the gains of the M1 with the M2 last year and packed the laptop with top-shelf power. The designs of the MacBooks haven’t changed much; they got powerful yet maintained their sleek, premium look. The battery life of the M1 and M2 MacBooks makes them the best option for those who value power, portability, and performance.

 The average Tech Bro wants a powerful laptop they can take to Devfest or a brainstorming session at one lounge in Yaba. The MacBook is a no-brainer; it’s a healthy dose of power, portability and efficiency.

They Have Other Apple Products. 

A tech bro without an iWatch? Stop Playing! Committing to an ecosystem offers a lot of gains. The idea that your smartwatch, phone and laptop can function harmoniously is a tech enthusiast’s wet dream. If it’s a tech bro making heavy bag, chances are he probably has a Homepod, Apple TV etc.

They Value Durability 

Have you ever seen a MacBook with broken hinges or frames? No? We neither! MacBooks are relatively durable. Apple charges a premium (more on that later), but the build quality alone is a strong defence for the prices of the MacBooks. MacBooks are high-quality, reliable machines that are less likely to experience technical issues or slowdowns. The last thing a tech bro want is a laptop that will disappoint him

They Can Afford it, or They Have a Plug Like Oga Bassey. 

Let’s be honest; MacBooks are relatively expensive. For around 150 000 Naira, you will probably get an entry-level Windows laptop. A premium-used M1 MacBook will set you back by around 500,000 Naira. Quality doesn’t come cheap, but we bring good tidings. With Oga Bassey, you can get the MacBook of your choice and spread the payment across months. Bro! It doesn’t get better than that. If you click here, you can learn how to get a MacBook while spreading the payment between 3 to 12 months… We have got you.

We spoke about how we do this with the Vanguard Newspaper here.


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